Specialized Aztecnology Services

Our Method

We offer the full range of digital marketing services

Step 1: Initial Consultation

Brainstorming session to discuss your needs, determine target market and settle on features..

Step 2: Proposal/Contract

The proposal & signed contract will get us started on the initial mockup for your site.

Step 3: WebSite Content

Provide us with all textual content and photographs. Please keep in mind that all content is protected by copyright law.

step 4: Initial Layout

A initial concept of your web pages is created based on informationfrom your web design worksheet & initial consultation.

Step 5: Site Completion

Once the site is complete, you are given the opportunity to go through it and prepare a "punch out" list noting any errors or omissions that need to be corrected.

Step 6: Website Launch

Upon final approval the final site will be launched and pages will be submitted to search engines. All associated costs are due at this time.


Due to the confidential relationship with our prospective clients we communicate exclusively electronically. Once you achieve client status more communication options will be available.

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